Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Is anybody out there talking about "ending poverty and disease" by
creating healthy sustainable communities via giving people the ability to
create their own energy?

We now have technology that is quite simple: BIO-GAS, it turns
trash into fuel, simple crops into energy. Check out to see how
you can increase a farmer's income by 3X and increase soil fertility by
using the burned off biomass, charcoal, to create topsoil; do carbon
sequestration and be part of the carbon sequestration trade credit system which is
really a new trade currency, the Terra. In one year, thanks to a billion dollar
production initiative, we will have solar panels that will sell for
$1 a panel. Right now those same panels cost $700.

There is a strategy that does not involve band aids. There is a
strategy for freeing people from dependency on larger powers. There is a
strategy for empowering communities and creating healthy empowered humans who
live in concert with their environments. It is based on the idea of self-
sufficiency and the same paradigm of human health and energy and community
health and energy.

Lets give communities the tools and
technologies to be sustainable and truly free.


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