Friday, November 03, 2006

Democracy ended with the Diebold voting machines

These are sad days for American democracy. When our own President says that voting for the opposition party is tantamount to voting for terrorists, you know something is dangerously wrong. The Republican party has become so shamelessly corrupt that it is increasingly difficult for me to grit my teeth and hold hands with them for our bipartisan efforts. I know, I know, there are good ones among the rotten eggs, and these Republicans currently in power bear little resemblance to the tenants of what the party used to look like, so much that they have made Nixon look like a saint in comparison....but the Repubican party's outrageously offensive advertising, outrageous kick-backs, corruption and gnawing off the bones of the American people is so beyond the limits, that it almost overpowers the fact that since the 2000 Presidential coup-d'etat they have pretty much stolen most of the elections - from the 80-90,000 African Americans and Hispanics who were physically kept from voting with fraudulent felon records that came from the state of Texas to be used in the state of Florida, to Ohio, to the recent governor race in Georgia - with no paper trail and Diebold voting machines owned by Republican big donors. I called for UN peacekeepers for the 2004 Elections but who heard me then? How many elections is it going to take before the American people wake up to what is happening? For that matter, how long is it going to take for the Democratic party to figure out there are literal malicious bugs in these voting machines?? Ask any computer head and you'll get the same answer. Check this out. It's all real and you can show it to those who still believe Big Brother actually wants things to be fair: If you are a voter, or a care about clean elections, you must watch this:

As my friend Bob Cohen says: "It's not how people vote that counts. It's whoever knows the voting machine's
code that does the counting."


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