Friday, November 03, 2006

A hero is born

Every now and then a hero is born.

Today that hero is Major General Richard Zilmer, on the ground in Iraq, making demands for wind and solar units to be used for electrical generating needs.

As many of you may know, fuel convoys are targets, easy kills for insurgents to nail Americans. The more energy demands on the bases, the more convoys you need to bring the drugs in, I mean the oil.

Like I've said before, lot of SUN IN IRAQ!!!

Department of Defense is starting to ponder some interesting smart questions like -
"Could 'sustainable' energy approaches contribute to operational effectiveness?"
"Could approaching energy differently enable a more sustainable societal outcome?"

So in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're starting to drop and plop some super nifty easy to put together power stations that use wind and solar - The Mobile Power Station/The Clean Green Power Machine made by SKYBUILT POWER.

Major General Zilmer, you give me hope again in America and I salute you.


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