Friday, November 03, 2006

hope and the silver bullet

Yesterday I realized most people have no idea about Peak Oil. For those of you who answer that description, I recommend googling the term. If you don't have the time, I'll give you the shortest version: It means, the end of oil.

That's right. No more oil. And this doesn't mean just the oily gluck for your car, it also means no more easy to get fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, plastics, etc.

If you don't care about the end of Oil, and you think more Coal and Tar Sands will do it, I say - not at the rate we're going. And not if you care about your water supply getting contaminated or butchering the land, fouling the skies, and killing more species.

And if you don't care about the rise of temperature and sea levels wiping out huge areas of the world and a permanent drought in the US that has now over taken 40-50% of this great nation - then I'll just assume you really do not like humans, do not care about your childrens' future or your own.

As much as I love solar and wind and the rate our gluttonous masses consume - those techs just aren't going to cut it.

Of course, we could also add in there, the values of energy efficiency technologies which are HUGE and lower the numbers of need and use ratios. We could put in a dose of Energy Literacy so people could understand that CONSUMING has REPURCUSSIONS.

But for those of us who can't seem to get off the couch and turn off Big Brother's hypnosis machine, I mean, television - for those of us who need a few more Katrina's to wake us up to Mother Nature not being to pleased with the shit we're burning day and night - for those of us who still don't see the connections between using arcane ancient technology of fossil fuel burning and a very small sliver of the population maintaining its riches and keeping us from getting cleaner technology .... then we will need a silver bullet.

Most people in the energy world will usually flare their eyes and tell you very loudly, "THERE ARE NO SILVER BULLETS!!"

But, I've seen an almost complete prototype that is the size of a silver dollar can power your house and your car. Forget the combustion engine! The only downside of this baby is it might stop working in a couple hundred years.

And so I'm going to have to separate myself from the crowd here and say, maybe, "THERE IS INDEED A SILVER BULLET!"

As Envirobabe, I see all the new tech stuff. But there is one in particular that has really astounded me and given me hope for the future of humans having a decent life on this planet.

Go to

The inventor spent 17 years developing this. He worked tirelessly for the government as the widget, fixit guy, tirelessly for a certain corporation only to have them steal a patent that has currently netted them 135 million dollars, stolen right out from under him. He served his country in Vietnam. He's not a Ph.D. He doesn't have a degree. And this is probably the reason he's been able to create this thing - See, he's not tainted by established science. His only agenda is serving Earth and its people.

The PEP prototype - proven on paper but has never been possible to build until now, with the use of superconductors. It runs on principles of magnetic flux. IT's scaleable. It is the coolest. And Eddie Sines, the inventor, needs help right now to finish this baby.

You want to be energy independent? You want to be free?

Go to and invest in a future.


Blogger Leffo said...

interesting comment. Are you the daughter of Michael Maccoby? Best Wishes Leif Jacobsson

11:20 AM  
Blogger Leffo said...

interesting comment. Are you the daughter of Michael Maccoby? Best Wishes Leif Jacobsson

11:21 AM  
Blogger Atticus said...

Hmmm. I tried to access the site you mentioned but its down for an upgrade. Any mirror sites/alternates?

12:37 PM  

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